Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Featured In - Tongue In Chic

As I was checking on my blog traffic today, I noticed quite a number of referrals from Out of curiosity, I clicked on the linked and guess what?!! I was featured on their website alongside with the other famous fashion bloggers like Mayo Wo (Mellow Mayoness), Kani, Camille, Nicole Warne, Tricia Gosingtian (Slumberdoll) & Elle Yamada!

These gals are style icons from Chictopia and mega famous on Lookbook!! OMG!!! I feel so honoured, and at the same time, small & insignificant next to them.

This is my first time being featured. I am elated!! ^^


Style Snaps: Socks & Shoes
The power combination of socks and shoes reigned supreme in 2010 but when it appeared on the runways of Marc Jacobs Fall/Winter 2011, it begged this question - did the trend face one of the quickest turnarounds in fashion or did it never really go away? While we ponder, here are how fashion bloggers across the region wear their socks and shoes.


Thank you & Shantee Lim for the lovely feature :)