Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Brasserie on the Eighth

Last Friday evening at Brasserie on the Eighth. We didn't sit inside restaurant as we prefer to chill at their lounge, just outside the restaurant. We have a bottle of red wine and some bar food.

Brasserie on the Eighth
3 Ways Mini Wagyu Beef Burgers
Bacon • Cheese & Pickle • Avocado

We like the one with bacon best. Anything with bacon always tastes better :P That's why there are chicken wrapped with bacon, asparagus wrapped with bacon, scallops wrapped with bacon, prawns wrapped with bacon and the list goes on & on & on.

Brasserie on the Eighth

These fries came with the mini burgers. I love fries. Crispy on the outside and fluffy inside… PERFECT. While having the fries, I suddenly craved for the Belgium mussels at Frites!! LOL! Am I greedy or weird or greedily weird? And no prize for guessing where we headed for lunch the following day. HAHAHA!

Brasserie on the Eighth
Beef Tartare

OMG!!! This beef tartare is the best beef tartare I have ever had! Not that I have eaten a lot beef tartare in my lifetime but this is really really delicious. I could do with some now *drool*

After the bar food, we were still hungry hence we decided to go for the real food.

Brasserie on the Eighth
Lobster Bisques

Very good lobster bisques with a hint of cognac. Real lobster bisques. Not prawn bisques masqueraded as lobster bisques. Some restaurants think customers are stupid, couldn't tell the difference between prawn bisques and lobster bisques.

Brasserie on the Eighth
Braised Beef Cheek

In the photo is just half a portion. The kitchen split it for us knowing that we would be sharing the beef cheek. How sweet. Apparently the beef cheek had been braised for 3 hours. It tasted good but not as yummy as the one at Work & Play, Langham Hotel.

Address : 8th Floor Conrad Hotel, Pacific Place, Admiralty.

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