Saturday, August 27, 2011

Gyu Jin 牛陣

We were regulars at Gyu Jin 牛陣 when we first moved to HK. We were there almost once to twice a month for 2 years!!! Then suddenly we stopped patronizing for no particular reason. Probably we thought we should give other restaurants in HK a chance. LOL!

Anyway, we decided to go there for lunch today. But things have changed since our last visit. Now, they offer 3 different grades of beef namely, marbled beef, premium marbled beef and wagyu beef. We opted for wagyu beef since it's only HK$118 (US$15) per pax per plate and that includes an all-you-can-eat ice-cream, fried rice, steamed rice, vegetables, mushrooms, tofu, etc. etc. Oh, I forgot to mention that Gyu Jin offers Japanese-style Hot Pot :P

Gyu Jin
wagyu beef

Gyu Jin
assorted vegetables
They used to serve emperor vegetables (one of my hotpot favourite) but today DON'T HAVE :(

Gyu Jin
winter melon, shitake mushrooms & tofu
They used to have 4 kinds of mushrooms (enoki, buna-shimeji, oyster mushrooms & shitake) now only 1. I'm big mushrooms lover. Hence I was super disappointed.

Gyu Jin
leek, udon & vermicelli

Their service level also have dropped since our last visit. First, there weren't any service staff at the door, we had to walk deep inside the restaurant to look for a service staff to ask for a table. Second, there were a lot of empty baskets at the buffet table as none of the service staff bother to keep a tab on the food supply on the buffet table! And last but not least, most of the ice cream buckets were empty!

I wonder if this was a repercussion of the implementation of minimum wage in May this year. There is definitely fewer staff now, and before, the food at the buffet table & ice cream were always well-stocked.

Nonetheless, despite all the whining, it was still a pretty decent & satisfying meal for the price they charged. Hope their service level & food supply will be back to where it was before on our next visit.

Address: UG, Pionner Centre, 750 Nathan Road, Prince Edward
Telephone: 2625 9234

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