Monday, July 18, 2011

Lazy Sunday

Lazy lazy lazy Sunday ♡

Did nothing but sleep, eat, chill and laze around doing nothing.


We kicked of the day with my favourite Japanese sweets, MOCHI!! Hub knew I ♥ mochi hence he specially bought a box for me. Strawberry. Peach. Mango. Delish! I ate one before I took this photo :P

Lunch was at Wakayama at IFC. And we were there only for ONE thing…..


The TENDER RIBS in the tender ribs ramen! OHMY!!! They were sooooooooo T E N D E R and Y U M M Y, they overshadowed the soy-oozy-yolk "hard-boiled egg which was really good. The tender ribs were so tender even the toothless could enjoy the and they were filled with gelatinous goodness (read collagen). Mmmmmmm….. YUM!


We ordered the lunch set and I chose gyoza as my side. No regret. I would definitely order this again.

Agnes b. Cafe

After a satisfying lunch, we headed to Agnes b. Cafe, which was a stone throw away from Wakayama, for some coffee.

Agnes b. Cafe
Agnes b. Cafe
Agnes b. Cafe

Am I boring you with my doing nothing Sunday?

It's not what I do (or did). It's who I am with that's matter :)

Ermmm... I intended to post my outfit for the day in this post but I realized this post is getting too long and photo intensive! I guess I'll break into 2 posts then.

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  1. How can it possibly be boring! I relish routines, to be honest. There's a certain unexplainable joy in sunday silences! So sweet of Philip btw ^^