Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Purple Hearts

It was windy with slight overcast and uncharacteristically cool on Sunday. And it's probably my last chance to wear thigh-length socks this summer. So I squeezed the opportunity but a little too hard. I ripped my brand new socks!! Boohoo! Hence I rolled them down to slightly above my potatoes knees. Thigh-length socks are God sends!!! I love how they hide my hideous knees yet still allow my thighs to take a breather.

Taken with HTC android!

My body is not calibrated for summer though I was born in a tropical island whereby it's summer all year round. I sweat like a pig with slight heat. Sweats flow down like a waterfall the moment I step outside my apartment. Super duper unglam. I constantly have to hold a piece of tissue in my hand to dab away my perspiration. Not a sight I wanted to be caught in.

Hub likes the back more than the front! Hrmph!

Hence I rejoice at the slightest breeze and I celebrate whenever there is an overcast. I think Hong Kongers detest me. I apologized. But I seriously don't think sun, heat and humidity can be best friends without killing someone along their way.

It's okay that the wind messed up my hair and flapping my outfit in all the wrong directions. I love how it makes me feel. Free!

Top & Belt from H&M
Shorts from Topshop
Socks from Berskha
Shoes & Socks from Random Shops

Some time, I just feel like leaving all my baggages and be free. But looking at the photo, I am still not ready for that yet.


  1. You look absolutely fantastic, darling! head to toe! The shorts, shoes and thigh-highs are all items I would soooo love to have in my own wardrobe. Plus, it's great to hear that someone other than me can't stand the heat... in Sweden, you get lynched by an angry mob if you even so much as whisper "it's too warm". It's not like I like it too cold either, I just prefer the weather to be a bit in between! Is that so bad?! I'm sensitive for Christ's sake! :)

  2. LOVEEEE your socks!
    HK is super hot and sticky right now...ughhh!

  3. Do I have the same star necklace? yes, ! heheh..

    The socks are cute:)

  4. I think I can sort of visualise your reaction when you ripped your socks :x

  5. Annika: I also doesn't like it when it's freezing cold. In between is the best :D

    Rita: Yah! I'm so glad it finally rained. At least now I can breathe :)

    Hallie: What a coincident! I went thru a phase of star-craze and bought quite a few star shape accessories :D

    Jess: Actually there wasn't any dramatic reaction at all as I only realized it was ripped when i was stepping out of the house. So i just calmly rolled down the socks a little while in the lift. No time to drama ;)