Wednesday, June 8, 2011

My Favourite Things

My favourite things in a bowl.

Simple yet hearty.

No garnish. No styling. And unpretentious.

If you noticed, I didn't use the word ALL. I have too many favourites, they wouldn't have fitted into a bowl! And they may not taste nice together ;)

Bitter Melon Soup
Bitter Melon (a.k.a. Bitter Gourd) Soup

Though I love love love bitter melon, it can make the soup really bitter! Hence I added a little preserved chinese mustard leaves (酸菜) and tomatoes. I love the tanginess that tomatoes bring to the soup :)


  1. haha,,,I like to add tomatoes and 酸菜 inside my noodle soup too, and sometimes I add more, like tofu, eggs, sprout, and chilli pepper and soy souce for dipping. pretty crazy, right? but I like it:D

  2. not crazy at all! i do add the stuff u listed in my noodle soup too… depending on what's available in my fridge and my mood :D

  3. yum...I seriously want some of this soup right now. And I adore those little cupcakes in cups (from another post) such a wonderful idea xxx