Friday, June 10, 2011

Everything Cold

Weather forecast has been saying "raining, raining, raining" for a week but I have yet to see even a single raindrop! It's freaking hot. I hope it will rain soon, as forecasted.

On a hot day like this, I yearn for everything cold.

Cold food. Cold dessert. Cold drinks. Cold shower.

Probably I should hit the pool…. soon :p

Cha Soba

What is better to beat the heat than a plate of cold soba noodles on ice!

Cha Soba

And dipped them in cold dipping sauce that had been spiked with wasabi and finely grated ginger.

Yes, I eat a lot of cha soba in summer. It's chill, fuss-free and delicious! It's a healthy instant food!!! If you know how to cook instant noodles, you will know how to cook cha soba! I didn't bother with making the dipping sauce from scratch as there are lotsa bottled ones available at the supermarkets these days :)

Guess what was dessert?

Yes AGAIN!!! I refused to gift any away. I horde them for my own consumption!!! Heehee!

Today, I mixed Haagan Dazs strawberry ice cream with BJ chocolate fudge brownie ice cream as I only left with 1/2 a scoop of HD strawberry ice cream! But the mixed flavours turned out pretty awesome too. LOL!

My mum would be nagging disapprovingly if she knew I had only cold food for dinner :P

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  1. It is FINALLY raining here!! I feel like doing some made-up tribal dance to celebrate rain! HAHAHAHA!!!