Sunday, June 12, 2011

All About A Dress

While I was doing my usual blogrolling, I came across a dress that was in my wardrobe. But that's nothing unusual right since it's pretty common for people to own the same garments unless yours is tailored made from your own design. The thing was…

1) hers was sponsored by an online retailer (not blogspot but a reputable online store) and is still available at the time of my post. They are retailing it at US$28.80

2) I got mine 3 years ago in Hong Kong at Fa Yuen Street and I paid less than HK$100 (US$12.98)

I bought it in summer 2008 but I thought it would be nice with boots. Hence I waited and waited till fall. We took some photos and I posted them on my FB.


You can see that the date was November 8, 2008.

Here is the online retailer's:


They are marketing it as an off-shoulder dress. It's totally possible to wear it off-shoulder since the neckline is elastic. However, I prefer it to wear it like how I did in my photo above. The belt doesn't come with the dress. I got it from Zara.

I still have this dress in my wardrobe but I haven't been wearing it for 2 years as I spotted quite a number of Hong Kong gals wearing the exact same dress. I still love the dress and I may wear it again this fall :)

What takes the online retailer so long to release this dress? We are not talking about months but years here. 3 years is a freaking long time!

Recently, I also saw a few pieces of my wardrobes at another US online shop. But at least those pieces were pretty new as I only got them 3 months ago at some random shops in HK. Of course, I only paid a fraction of the price. None of these pieces I mentioned are branded nor high-end. They are just brandless street style fashion.

I am not putting up any links or mentioned any names as I do not wish to embarrass anyone. I am writing this as I am really curious how that 3-year-late online store source its inventories and run its business. Could it have been that they accidentally buried those dresses in their warehouse and only managed to recover them recently? Ermmm…

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