Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Water Spinach

It's not difficult to guess what I had for brekkie yesterday. 3 chocolate eclairs!!!

OMG! They tasted even better after they had been refrigerated overnight! I made 12 and all vanished in less than 24 hours!!! *Nom Nom Nom*

Feeling guilty & fat after 3 eclairs, I made up for it by having a super healthy lunch!

Water Spinach Stir-fry with Fermented Beancurd

I polished the entire plate by myself with some plain porridge. I am so happy that water spinach is back in season again. Apparently it's only available during summer.

I ♥ water spinach.

I ♥ fermented beancurd.

So combination of the two is ♡♡♡!

Water spinach tastes better than the chinese spinach a.k.a. kangkong. It's sweeter and more tender. If you noticed, its stem is light green and much broader than our usual chinese spinach. This variety is better with fermented beancurd. Whereas the skinny, dark green version goes well with sambal belachan and prawn paste.

The strange thing is I don't remember seeing them in SG. Weird.

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