Monday, May 30, 2011


Other than camwhoring on the street in Sheung Wan, we had lunch at Katong Laksa.

@ Katong Laksa, HK
What a interesting teapot!!

Even leica cannot save wannabe! The wannabe is already the best in HK that we can find. The laksa gravy was pretty good as I heard they used Prima Taste premixes. But the noodles and the condiments were kinda off. They like to add silly ingredients to otherwise a decent bowl of laksa. Why won't they just focus of getting the noodles right and add some laksa leaves for goodness sake. It's laksa afterall.

Prawn Mee
Even photo editing can't help wannabe too. The soup base was good but noodles was kinda tough. They have a million different combinations of prawn mee on their menu and I already picked one that's the most normal yet what were those dried tofu doing in my prawn mee?!!! And there was a lot more pork than prawn. Tsk tsk! Btw, the real McCoy in the picture was a mini size serving.

Beggars cannot be choosers. Whenever craving hits, we just have to settle for the second "best".

Some interesting sights in Sheung Wan…

Sheung Wan
An old building joined to a modern skyscaper.

Sheung Wan
Look at the zagged edges of this old building. How strange.

Good night folks!!

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