Sunday, May 22, 2011

Tiramisu Take 2

Despite my skin woes and being all drowsy due to the medication, I still managed to whip up a pretty decent tiramisu. It turned out to be a bigger hit than first tiramisu.

This time round, I went easy on the KahlĂșa. I soaked the lady fingers in KahlĂșa as instructed instead of drowning them. Heh! Hence, even the non alcohol drinkers could enjoy this fabulous italian dessert.

I'm not here to claim to be a good baker/ cook. The truth is… I am neither a good baker nor cook. I am just lucky to stumble on some really good recipes as well as bestowed with good friends who generously share with me their "secret" recipe(s).

So here is my tiramisu take 2!


Here is the recipe from dearest J. ( - Tiramisu recipe.


  1. uuummm your blog is sooo yummy lol x

  2. woah you cut it so nicely. Picture perfect~ I'm tempted to cut it the next time I make some!

  3. thanks ^^ cut before u dust with coco powder and must be done in 1 swift downward motion. thus use a longer knife if u have a long tiramisu ;)

  4. I love this cake:) in fact I'm greedy at all scary:)