Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Stanley In The Fall

I love going to Stanley especially in the fall on a weekday. It’s idyllic and tranquil, big contrast to the hustle and bustle in the city of Hong Kong. There are lotsa of eateries, cafes and bars along the waterfront. You will also find engage to be married soon couples taking pre-wedding photos at the restored Victorian building, Murray House. Old architectures are hard to come by in Hong Kong due to shortage of land, old historical buildings had to give way to modern skyscrapers.

Murray House

Murray House is one of the few remain and it was painstaking restored. Can you imagine moving a building from Central to Stanley? All 15km (9 miles)!!!

In 1982, they took down Murray House pieces by pieces at its original site in Central to make way to Bank of China Tower and finally reassembled the entire building in it’s present location in Stanley. The restoration of the building was completed in 1998/99.

I don’t think they spent 16 years to restore the building to its formal glory. The important thing is they managed to preserve part of their heritage that was left from their British colonial days.

I love old architectures. They are so beautiful and have a lot more characters compared to the modern ones.

These photos were taken in the fall 2 years ago. I still keep all the pieces.

Believe it or not, this was a candid shot. I have lazy bones. I lean on walls, pillars, poles, furnitures, whatever I can find.

And this was the actual pose shot.


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