Saturday, May 21, 2011

No Love More

My skin was so well-behave when I was in Sydney. But once I am back in HK, I got 2 pimples and skin became a little botchy. I blamed it on the quality of air & water as well as the hot weather. In the event of trying to improve my complexion to its formal glory, I tried the Taiwan No.1 best selling sheet masks - LoveMore (Rose Crystal & Tourmaline Peptide Duo Lifting ).

The mask fitted like a glove and there was no biting nor tingling. After removing the mask, skin was brighter and supple. I was pretty pleased with the result till 5 hours later. My face was all red, slightly swollen and warm to touch. I quickly washed my face with cold water and applied some cortisone cream before I hit the sack thinking it would we all dainty again when I woke up.

To may dismay skin was still extremely red, rough and botchy. Eyes were a little swollen too. I was kinda worried. Doctor told me that I had an allergic reaction to the LoveMore Rose Crystal & Tourmaline Peptide Duo Lifting sheet mask!!! And warned me not to use the mask ever again as the allergic reaction will be even worse the next time round :O :O :O :O :O

After 2 days of oral medications and cortisone cream, the redness has subsided quite a bit but my skin feels & looks like sand paper. There is a lot of red tiny bumps all over my face TT

Lesson learnt. I will never going to try new facial sheet masks ever again! No. 1 best selling brand doesn't mean shit. SUPER PISSED!

No before and after photos as so ugly, still wanna take close up photos meh. Sob sob.


  1. :( poor girl, get well soon. I'd much rather fall sick than to have bad skin. Yes, I'm THAT shallow!

  2. Given me a choice, I would rather fall sick too. Having bad skin is depressing. I wanna die with good skin so I will look good lying in the casket.