Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Mediterranean Dinner

I picked up two cookbooks while in Sydney. They were brandless and on sale! Only cost me A$15 for two books! Bargain isn't it? ^^ So I decided to try out a recipe from one of the cookbooks, Healthy One-Dish Meal, today. And it turned out to be delicious! YAY!

Mediterranean Chicken with Olives

This is like a Mediterranean version of coq au vin! Very healthy!! Lotsa veg and very little oil was used.

Since I couldn't survive just on proteins, I made some cous cous to soak up the yummy gravy.

Mediterranean Chicken with Olives and Cous Cous

This is also my first attempt at cous cous and I can't believe that it's so incredibly easy! Just need to boil the stock (or water), turn off the fire and stir in the cous cous. Let it sit for 10 minutes, fluff and VOILA! So much quicker than making steam rice!

I'll post up the recipe for Mediterranean Chicken with Olives on CookBakeGrill soon. Please stay tune.

Can you believe this? The current going rate for A SLICE of banana bread in Sydney is A$4 (HK$35, S$5.30 & US$4.25). Banana breads are so IN in Sydney now, they are everywhere! And everywhere is pricing it at A$4 per slice!!! So I asked Hub if I could sell banana bread in HK for a discount at HK$30 per slice? LOL!

I'm back in HK for 3 days now but I still can't get over the overpriced banana bread. So I baked a fresh loaf for brekkie tomorrow. Banana bread with flaxseed and only for A$4 a loaf!

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