Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Growth Charts

African Violet

African violet springs back to life after a week of no water diet. It's blooming again :)


At one week old, thyme is sprouting wildly! Look at the soil, it has been lifted by the sprouting thyme! ^^


In contrast to thyme, cilantro only showed signs of some life 2 days ago. And why are they so curly wurly huh?

Tracking The Growth

All at one week old except basil. It's the oldest of the lot at 5 weeks old. Héliotrope is growing amazing well. I hope we will see some beautiful flowers soon. It's strange that baby bleuet looks so much like baby thyme. It appears that I might have 2 varieties of tomatoes as all have long & narrow leaves except for one stalk which bears rounder shape leaves. Only 2 out of 4 sunflower seeds sprouted. The tinier one only emerged 2 days ago. Hope the other 2 seeds will catch up soon.

These plants are my babies. I'm tracking their growth really closely and almost obsessively. Oops!


  1. Congrats on your sprouting babies! I see that I am growing well LOL! The sunflowers will grow quite quickly, so get ready some new soil and sticks (one stalk per pot) and then you can move them into new homes!

  2. Good progress. I've killed my tomato, thyme...basil is dying T_T