Thursday, May 26, 2011

富豪酒家 (Fu Ho)

I stumbled upon this blog and the Steamed Glutinous Rice (千層糯米飯) looked amazingly delicious.
According to the author, it had alternating layers of glutinous rice, with a bit of salted egg yolk. I love glutinous rice. I LOVE salted egg yolks. I wanna eat it and I wanna eat it now!

That very weekend, we scurried down to Miramar Shopping Arcade and found ourselves sitting in 富豪酒家 (Fu Ho) in no time. I greedily scanned through the dim sum menu A FEW TIMES but I just couldn't find Steamed Glutinous Rice (千層糯米飯)! Thank God for technology and smartphone, Hub went online and clicked on the link that I sent him and VIOLA!, a big photo of yummy looking Steamed Glutinous Rice (千層糯米飯). We showed it to the waitress….. and guess what? It is a freaking seasonal item and they just changed to a new menu that very week!!!! WHY?!!!!!!!! :(

I almost felt leaving the restaurant. That was how disappointed I was.

But hunger got better of us.

Steam Prawn Dumplings (蝦餃)
Good but nothing special. Most restaurants served pretty decent steam prawn dumplings (蝦餃).

Beef Steam Rice Roll (牛肉腸粉)
Not bad. The rice roll was soft & succulent and the beef was not too tough.

Sea Cucumber in Beancurd Roulade (遼參腐皮卷)
Good as I love sea cucumber! Better than the typical 腐皮卷.

Pan-fried Steam Rice Roll with XO Sauce (XO醬煎腸粉)
YUCK! Horrible. The steam roll was so slimy and tasteless. Mmm… what XO sauce?

Lotus Leaf Rice(瑤柱鮮蝦荷葉飯)
AWESOME! Best lotus leaf rice I have ever had!

Abalone in Fish Maw Roulade(鮑魚花膠卷)

Stir-fry vegetable

Taro Paste Crystal Dumpling (荔芋水晶包)
No good. The skin was way too thick and chewy. The taro filling was quite bland. The hawkers in Singapore make better Taro Paste Crystal Dumpling (荔芋水晶包).

I don't think it fares that well for a 1 Michelin-star restaurant. Will I go back again? Maybe as the Lotus Leaf Rice(瑤柱鮮蝦荷葉飯) is simply divine. Good Lotus Leaf Rice is hard to come by these days. And and and... I still wanna try their Steamed Glutinous Rice (千層糯米飯)!

Address: Shop C, 4/F, Miramar Shopping Arcade, 132 Nathan Road, Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong, Tsim Sha Tsui
Tel: 2736 2228
Opening Hours: Mon to Sun - 11:00am - 23:30pm


  1. dim summmmmmmmm , so good!
    I think I've been there 2 years ago when I was in HK !