Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Fish & Curry

My favourite steamed fish in Hong Kong!

青檸明爐蒸烏頭, 走蔥走蒜, 加辣加酸! Green Lime Spicy Thai Steamed Fish, skipped onions & garlics, extra spicy & sour!

That's how I like it :)


It's like a steamboat. The whole fish is bubbling in a spicy & sour tom-yum-ish broth with a mini burner beneath the fish-shape tray. It comes with a complementary bowl of spicy & sour broth for your to drench the fish. It's a 2-in-1 dish, steamed fish cum soup :) The fish is fresh, tender & "fleshy" while the broth is oh-so délicieux! Major YUM!! And it's only HK$168 for the whole fish!

To me, it beats Lei Yue Mun and all the chinese restaurants in Hong Kong. The famous HK-style soy sauce steamed fish often left me with heart palpitations, numb face and dry throat! It's usually so bad that I couldn't continue with my meal. It happened too often to be a coincidence. And the soy sauce steamed fish in HK often reeks of Maggi seasoning sauce (not sure if it was added to the fish) and I hate it. Major HATE!

The irony was I enjoyed the HK-style soy sauce steamed fish back in SG. There wasn't a trace of Maggi seasoning sauce and definitely not so MSG-laden. Hence no unpleasant MSG-attack.

Green Curry Beef
Green Curry Beef

Hub loves Thai green curry. Thus, it's a must-have at any Thai restaurants. And he will drown his rice with green curry sauce till the rice is completely drenched.

And he insisted that I snapped this -

Steamed Jasmine Rice

He said it was a perfect "round" rice. HAHAHA!

It's our habit to overturn a bowl of steamed rice onto a plate when we have curry. Easier to drench & mess up the rice mah. Heehee.

Restaurant details:-
Sala Thai
Address: Shop 1028A, Elements, 1 Austin Road West
Telephone: 2609 1898


  1. I am salivating over the fish and curry!!!!!! I can polish off 1 fish on my own :X I wana go eat when I visit you again, and it must be my treat!!