Monday, April 4, 2011

Work & Play

Chilling out at Portal - Work & Play in Langham Hotel, Mongkok on a Friday night. 1-for-1 sparkling wine and a selections of fresh oysters from the oysters bar.

Oysters@Langham Hotel, Mongkok
Oysters@Langham Hotel, Mongkok
Fine de Claires, Belon, Irish rock, Rolex, and 2 others which I couldn't remember.

My favourite? Fine de Claire. A morsel of haven :)

Don't I look like a lollipop here? LOL!

Lollipop Head

Apparel: blue graphic drawstring dress & black cardigan.
Accessories: bean necklace & navy bejeweled leaf brooch.
Shoes: knee-length black leather boots

I forgot to clinch the dress with a belt as I was in a hurry to dash out of the house. And I almost lost my camera! Fortunately, it was picked up by a honest waitress. Two boo-boos in a day. Bleah!


  1. :O!!! thank gdness you didn't lose your cam for real! *heartpain*

  2. yah man. else i'll be still crying my heart out now.