Saturday, April 30, 2011


Every week, I look forward to Friday. Do you?

Drinks & dinner at Work & Play, Langham Hotel Mongkok again. Yah, we are creatures of habit and super boring couple.

Every time we were there, we would try out different food from their menu. So far, our favorites were Braised Wagyu Beef Cheeks, Mushroom Risotto, and of course their raw oysters. Their wagyu beef cheeks was so so so tender. Melts in your mouth (almost). Mushroom risotto was flavorful yet not too rich & heavy.

This week,

Kung Po Chicken
Kung Po Chicken
I wish it had more punch & heat. I am a typical Singaporean, I love spicy food. But I am not as crazy as my sister. She adds chilli to everything (almost everything)! I enjoyed the veggies much more than the chicken. Will I order this again? Probably. But I will ask for extra KUNG PO :P

Lobster Angel Hair
Lobster Angel Hair
Hub liked the angel hair. He didn't want the lobster, hence my gain. It was pretty decent. Though not to-die-for.

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