Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Sowing The Seeds

I overheard a Si-Lai asking the sale assistant how to care for African Violets and the latter advised to water the plant once every 5 days!

I exclaimed (some time I have no total control over my faculties) aloud "ONCE EVERY 5 DAYS?!!!?!!!!! :O"

The sale assistant shot me a funny look, "you watered every day ah?"

I nodded.

"TOO much water! Will die one ah"

Aiya! No wonder my African Violets is looking like this lah!

Drowned! :(

I drowned yet another plant :X I trimmed off the dead flowers and stopped its water supply. Hopefully it will spring back to life in no time *fingers crossed*

Sowing The Seeds

With the little success I have with the basil-in-a-can, I feel I am ready to take on a bigger challenge - growing flowers & food from scratch! I have sowed the seeds and now praying for the best. But I may have buried the thyme seeds too deep :X

I never knew flower language covers herbs and fruits!

Flower Language

I was really disappointed when I opened up the can of sunflower to find 3 sunflower seeds that look exactly like the seeds that hamsters snack on! I could have bought a big bag of sunflower seeds with the HK$15.


I made some labels for the newly sowed pots so I can remember what I have planted. Seriously, they all looked the same except for their colorful pots.

Hub: why the others don't have label?
Me: because I can see them and identify them.
Hub: but I dunno their names.

Thus, I labelled all the plants.


Hub: did u waterproof the labels?
Me: I think the ink is waterproof.
Hub: but the paper is not waterproof.
Me: *icy glare*

We also picked up a few pots of flowers… can't be seen as overly obsessed with edible plants.


White and pink anthrurium. 紅掌花 in chinese. But why the white one is still called 紅掌花 in chinese ley?


Hydrangeas was delivered to our apartment at noon. Pink, violet & white. Lovely. The delivery man/ shop owner was pretty impressed with our little garden going on on our tiny porch. He was even more impressed to find so many edible plants in such little space. HAHAHA!

He assured me that my African Violets will flower again in no time as it is already budding. And reminded me not to drown it again. HA!

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