Monday, April 11, 2011


BOOHOO! I've been a sick puppy the entire weekend :( It started out as an insignificant scratchy throat but soon it evolves to a cough & ever annoying running nose. ARGHHHHHHH!

Blamed myself for one too many brownies and showing too much skin on Friday night. Greed & vanity got better of me, my health that is.

Unlike my neurotic-hypochondriac friend who fears she is going die every time she has a mild cold, I know I will SURVIVE. It's just simply irritating to have to blow my nose every other seconds and have zero control over my cough.

But not all is lost, Hub bought back some yummy pig blood pudding porridge (豬紅粥) for lunch & we catch-up on movies while nursing my cold at home.

I am not those who like to pop medicines like they were candies. Hence, I am drinking homemade LuoHanGuo tea (羅漢果茶) and taking Nin Jiom Pei Pa Koa (枇杷膏) for my cough & throat.

Something random & sad.... half the pot of my rosemary died!!! I think I might have drown it *SOB SOB* It was still fine when I watered the herbs yesterday T T

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  1. Poor girlie! Hope you feel better soon! I am like you, will say no to drugs if I can help it. My job doesn't allow me to be a weak pansy collapsing at the slightest discomfort! I am a weed -_-