Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Simple Lunch Fare

I told Hub that I'm running out of things to blog as I lead an extremely boring life. That's why I even had to take photos of our simple lunch fare at Sweet Dynasty :P

Lunch @ Sweet Dynasty
Lunch @ Sweet Dynasty

I believed Sweet Dynasty whipped up the most authentic and most spicy Ma Po Tofu in Hong Kong. Most of the places I tried in HK, the chefs seemed to miss the point and the Ma was definitely missing. The Sweet Dynasty Ma Po Tofu goes very well with steamed rice. Last time, I had 2 bowls of rice! Shiok!

XO sauce stir-fry brinjal and beef was little disappointing as we couldn't really taste any XO sauce. In my humble opinion, Lei Garden has the best XO sauce *mental note to self to buy a bottle*

The prawn omelette was good. The egg was moist & fluffy while the prawns were fresh.

I love the bits of dried scallops that they scattered on the porridge. I love dried scallops full-stop. I can eat them as titbits. My mum used to wonder where all her precious dried scallops disappeared to. HaHaHa! The porridge is pretty tasty though can't hold a candle to Lei Yuen (利園). Lei Yuen serves THE BEST porridge in HK and their liver & kidney porridge is to-die-for.

Green beans soup is not my usual choice of dessert at Sweet Dynasty. But I had to eat it because I wanted to kill those nasty pimples that kept popping out on my face. Ahem!

Address: 100 Canton Road, Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon
Telephone: 2199 7799

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