Friday, April 29, 2011

Pâte à Choux

I am so nervous about making choux pastry that I never try making one. The thought of cooking the dough over the stove simply freaks me out. I can brown chicken, grill fish and stir-fry vegetables but cooking a dough just frightens me.

But Hub loves eclairs. He never fails to remind me that. Some time he even asked why I never ever make eclairs. Umm…

Finally, I decided to confront my irrational fear. So, eclair, here I come.

1) Chocolate pastry cream ✓
2) Chocolate glaze ✓
3) Choux pastry *PENDING*

I know myself very well. If I attempted to make everything on the same day, I will most likely end up lying on the kitchen floor sobbing insanely. Not that it ever happens before. But it's always better to be safe than sorry or I may risk being teased for as long as I shall live.

I usually just baked off my iPhone. But these recipes were darn tedious. I simply cannot register the instructions in my pea-size brain.

Note Taking

I resorted to making notes! The only time I put up with such laborious note making was when I studied for my exams. I am a lazy ass; I try not to write anything if I could. Hence most of the time, I stuff my pea-size brain like farmer to a goose's liver. I am one of those who have never ever used an organizer.

Btw, chocolate glaze shared the same pink paper as chocolate pastry cream… in case you wonder.

The making of chocolate pastry cream went smoothly though it was super duper arduous. So I thought my lucky star was shining brightly on me.


Major hiccup with chocolate glaze. My chocolate ganache turned into an oily mess!!! *Heart skipped many many beats* Coco butter split because my cream was too hot! After staring at it for a good 5 minutes, nothing happened. So I decided to leave it alone and clean up the kitchen instead hoping miracle would happen. Yet, it still remained an oily mess :(

*Fed up* I googled "oily chocolate ganache" and it brought me to Paper Tastebuds' ganache rescue mission. I followed her advice, added 2 drops of chilled cream to the oily mess and whisked vigorously. In split seconds, my ganache same back to life! Like MAGIC! Thank you Paper Tastebuds.

Chocolate glaze… CHECKED! *Beam*

But still can't make up my mind whether to make the choux pastry tomorrow or Saturday. Umm…

OH! I wanna share with you my new kitchen gadget!

Yolk Separator
Yolk Separator!

It can be hooked on to any bowl snugly leaving both my hands free to tackle the egg cracking. I'm super clumsy. I broke many yolks when I tried separating the yolk and the white using the egg shells and bare hands. This HK$35 gadget was of great assistance today. All yolks were intact! ^^ It comes in citrus green, hot pink & purple. But I think citrus green goes well with bright orange. No?

Wish me luck with my eclairs!


  1. Good luck with them :D soon enough you will see that they are a cinch to make!

  2. thanks babe! i dun think that day will ever come. i suck at baking full-stop. something always goes wrong somewhere. even after baking 10 loaves of banana bread, i still need to refer to the recipe every time i make a fresh loaf. tsk tsk.