Saturday, April 9, 2011


We had dinner at Nobu, Intercontinental Hotel. It's our first time at Nobu and totally out of Hub's character, he actually made a reservation! It's not our birthdays nor anniversaries and we weren't celebrating anything. He said he was afraid we might not be able to get a table. Okay. I am easy to please.

Hub wanted lobster sashimi but the chef insisted to served them torched. So, we decided not to have any lobster at all. We hate torched sashimi of any forms. Who care it's the new age sashimi, we are old school. Shoot us! Arghhhh!

Fortunately, the rest of dinner went on well.

Cold sake served in bamboo decanter and bamboo cups. How exquisite!

Generally, the food was good and sashimi were very fresh. I love them all but I love these most :) Told ya! I am easy to please. Oh! I make the worst food critic, everything I also like. Hahaha!

Yellow Tail Sashimi with Jalapeno
Yellow Tail & Jalapeno
The sashimi is very fresh and it goes really well with the tangy-citrusy dressing. The jalapeno is a special touch. Not too spicy. Just enough heat to keep you satisfied.

Uni Sashimi
Very fresh, creamy & sweet. Awesome!

Otoro Sashimi
Melt in the mouth goodness. MMMMMM! Who can resist otoro?!!

Otoro Tartare with Caviar
Otoro Tartare with Caviar
Minced otoro sashimi in tangy sauce and topped with caviar. I must have gone to sashimi heaven!

And here are the rest...

Yellow tail sashimi with jalapeno, yellow tail collar, hot udon soup, sashimi (amberjack, scallops, uni, otoro, salmon sushi)

Scallops sashimi, sashimi salad, salmon sushi & seared tuna

It was a wonderful dinner and we enjoyed the food thoroughly.

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