Thursday, April 14, 2011

The Move

My nose is so congested that I have to resort to Clarinase to decongest. I hate Clarinase. It makes me feel stone yet keeps me awake due to the caffeine. Why do they add caffeine to a decongestant? Beats me. As a result, I spent the entire night moving & revamping my two blogs.

I have been wanting to change the blog addresses for the longest time as I can never remember my own addresses -______- Dunno why I picked such difficult-to-remember addresses.

I will update all my nonsense here @ and recipes that I tried at

Lately, you may have noticed that I posted some simple recipes here. These are recipes that I came up with over the years. And since I don't measure my ingredients when I cook, these recipes are pretty sketchy that's why I decided to post them here instead :P

So welcome to my new addy, hope you will enjoy your stay here :)

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