Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Healthy Can Be Yummy

I totally dig these mushrooms! I was inspired by SimplyRecipe's marsala glazed mushrooms as I love mushrooms and I still have leftover marsala wine from my tiramisu. Hee hee!

Marsala Mushrooms

My version is almost the same as SimplyRecipe except I didn't bother to measure my ingredients and cooked it for much shorter time as I don't like to "overcook" mushrooms. When I bake, I am obsessed with precision. But when I cook, I don't measure anything. Just eye-ball and whack. LOL!

Preparation time = 5 minutes
Cooking time = 10 minutes
Ingredients: champignon mushrooms, marsala wine, italian seasonings, olive oil, salt & pepper

Sliced the mushrooms & throw them into a dry pan. Dry roast till the mushroom turn brown. Add olive oil and mix well. Add a good splash of marsala wine & italian seasonings. Stir well. When the liquid almost dried up, add salt & pepper to taste. Serve hot & enjoy!

It's such an easy yet yummy side dish. I will definitely be cooking this again soon.

Herbs & Anchovy Spaghetti
Tomato & Anchovy Spaghetti

Some people simply detest anchovy. I love anchovy especially the white pickled spanish anchovies. For adding flavour to pasta sauce, I use the regular mediterranean anchovy. When use sparingly, it adds so flavour to the sauce without anyone knowing there is anchovy in the sauce.

➢ Cook spaghetti to the direction on the package. Heat up tomato paste or tomato-base pasta sauce in a separate pan. Add 1 to 2 pieces of anchovies depending on the amount of sauce u used. Break & "dissolve" the anchovy into the sauce then add italian seasonings, fresh herbs & freshly ground pepper. Stir in cooked spaghetti. Serve immediately.


  1. Hmm. This is like the opposite situation of raisin-episode. I grew up with impression that everyone hates anchovies except for me LOL. Yay now I have anchovy-companion!

  2. 'Cos none of your family members like anchovy? LOL!