Monday, April 11, 2011

Grand Central

Nope, we weren't in New York. We just headed to our neighbourhood for a quick bite as Hub was craving for mac & cheese.

This is Grand Central Bar & Grill at Elements.

Grand Central Bar & Grill

And silly me ordered ginger martini thinking it might help my cold. Overly optimistic uh-huh!

It's specially crafted with liquid nitrogen and the waitress warned me not to drink it till all the "smoke" dissipated. A crust of ice was formed after the liquid nitrogen vaporized into the atmosphere. Fancy!

English clam chower with real clams and served with a toasty garlic bread. The consistency of the soup is just right & full of flavours.
Clam Chower

Clam Chower

Garlic Bread

Some may call me crazy but I love dunking toasty garlic bread in my soup :*)

And behold! This is what brought us back to Grand Central Bar & Grill. The yummilicious 3 cheeses macaroni!
3 Cheeses Macaroni

Best mac & cheese in HK and can rival Mimolette Singapore. Thus, never overlook the side orders. They may be small in size but big on flavours.

Spaghetti carbonara for Hub...
Spaghetti Carbonara

and cesar salad with cold smoked salmon for me.
Cesar Salad

I am drawn to cesar salad because of the poached egg & anchovies. Heehee! This cesar salad is not to-die-for. I've had better ;)

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