Friday, April 8, 2011


Coffee Chocolate Chips Cookies

Yes, EAT!

I baked some coffee chocolate-chips cookies for breakfast. It's not enough just to drink cuppa, I wanna eat it too! It is going be a caffeine & endorphin-filled TGIF! Heehee!

I was watching a random taiwanese cooking program a couple of weeks ago and thought her cookies looked pretty interesting. I'm always intrigued by cookies recipe that doesn't involve any leavening agents nor eggs! How are the cookies going to puff?!! Won't they turn into rocks and risk bruising a toe if I accidentally dropped one???!!!

Surprisely, no. They turned out just like..... umm... cookies. Buttery & crumbly :)

But I adapted the recipe from 我的美食DIY-咖啡核桃雪球 as I don't eat walnuts. I substituted walnuts for Valrhona 70% dark chocolate. Coffee and chocolate are perfect companions. I should have added a bit cocoa powder to give these cookies a dark look so the icing sugar will POP.

咖啡巧克粒雪球 ■ Coffee Chocolate Chips Snow Balls

Coffee & Chocolate Chips Cookies

Taiwanese are really creative with names. 咖啡巧克粒雪球 sounds so much more delicious (& cute) than Coffee Chocolate Chips Snow Balls (direct translation) or Coffee Chocolate Chips Cookies.

Coffee & Chocolate Chips Cookies

Btw, I hid the chopped chocolate inside the coffee cookies dough as I didn't want them to get all messy as they baked away in the oven. I am this anal at times :P

Happy Friday!!!

Recipe: Coffee Chocolate Chips Snow Balls

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