Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Diet For Real

I meant business. Even when I dine out, I opt for healthier choice of food. I am determined to lose that few extra kilos. Just merely a week 4 days of home cooked dinners, my jeans fit better. Now I can breathe when I am in them :) Thus, my theory was right on. It was the takeaway dinners from cha chaan teng that make me fat!


炸樑 ● Deep-fried dough fritters wrapped in steam rice rolls

Yup, I hear you. This is not exactly qualify as a healthier choice. But I shared this with 2 other dining partners and I ain't no saint. I need to indulge in a little pleasure at times ;)

蠔豉瘦肉粥 ● Dried oysters and lean pork porridge

It's nice but I would prefer they grounded or chopped the dried oysters before throwing them into porridge as that way they imparted more flavour to the porridge.

木瓜燉雪耳 ● Papaya & white fungus dessert

I love traditional chinese desserts that not only yummy but also nourish the skin :*) My favourites are chinese almonds tea (杏仁茶), papaya & white fungus dessert (木瓜燉雪耳), snow pear & white fungus dessert (雪梨燉雪耳) and black sesame glutinous rice balls in ginger tea (黑芝麻湯圓薑茶).

Oh my! I am salivating over the desserts already. MmmMm....

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  1. Seeing these pics brings back good memories :))) *warmed & fuzzied*