Thursday, April 21, 2011

Damn URI

2 weeks, 5 sleepless nights, 1 course of antibiotics, 2 course of flu & cough med later, I am still sick!!! WTF!

What kinda Upper Respiratory Infection is this? Damn you URI! Damn you!

Think I have passed the damn thing to Hub… he is having sniffles and scratchy throat now :(


  1. :O Have you seen another dr? Take good care and drink loads of herbal drinks!

  2. i went to the same clinic twice but was attended by 2 different drs. does that count? been drinking truck loads of water, luohanguo, barley, honey water, matcha… nothing seems to help *pull hair*

  3. Hmm yah I think it counts. Urgh I know that feeling. *thinks of my swelling* the worst is you can't sleep!! Such illnesses require you to rest more & slp well so that your immunity can recover by itself >_<