Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Comfort Food

I have been blowing my nose so much that I am contemplating to hang the Scotts flora print toilet roll on my neck! When will it ever stop?!! Where does all these sudden influx of mucuses come from?!!! My nose is so red & swollen from all the blowing, perfect for the role of Rudolf except Christmas is not another 8 months :(

When I am under the weather, I usually go for comforting & soothing food.


Porridge - half long grain rice & half wild rice. Wild rice imparts flavour to the porridge hence it's good on its own. But if you find it too plain, throw in some dried scallops and cook together with the rice & water. When the porridge is cooked, add a little salt to taste.

I had it plain with Marmite a few days ago. That's my ultimate comfort food. Some people find Marmite yuck but I love it. And I only love Marmite. No Vegemite please.

This evening, my appetite was kinda blah. Thus I needed something more stimulating to spur my appetite.

Okra & Celery with Spicy Black Beans Sauce

Okra & Celery with Spicy Black Beans Sauce - cooked the same way as this except I threw in some celery too. I ate it with plain porridge as you've seen above.

And some time back...

Steam Promfet

Almost-Teochew Steam Promfet - it was almost because I couldn't find the sour plum! I used to buy them at Cold Storage when I was in Singapore but apparently in HK, it is only available at the wet market (街市)! So I substituted with lime zest & lime juice. No choice as I had already bagged the promfet. And I only eat promfet one way and one way only - steam the teochew's way.

silver promfet
prickled vegetable, sliced thinly
tomato, sliced
red chilli, sliced finely
ginger, sliced finely
shitake mushrooms, sliced thinly
seasoning sauce - fish sauce, light soy sauce, sour plum, the brine that comes with the sour plum, sugar, water & vegetable oil.

Method: Mix & taste the seasoning sauce. If you like the taste, it's good to go! Throw everything together on a shallow dish & steam till fish is done.

Teochew Steam Promfet is my all-time-favourite fish dish! Have been eating it since I was a little kiddo. And no prize for guessing... I'm Teochew. 100% Teochew :)

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