Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Colour My Kitchen

Le Creuset Ramekins

Le Creuset is having sale and I happily bought a set of 4 red ramekins that has been marked down from HK$368 to HK$218! That's like S$9 each! What a bargain!!! I was so tossed at picking the colours. I like the red, orange, green & yellow! The blue doesn't look so hot. I wish I could mix-and-match... then I will pick 1 colour each.

I showed Hub my proud haul and he said VERY NICE!!! *beam* Then I broke the news that I like the orange, green & yellow too. He laughed. I couldn't make out what that laugh mean though. And I still can't. Some things are better left in suspense. Heehee!

As I was lathering up my new sexy red ramskins, I noticed a teeny weeny sticky that read "Made In China" on the bottom of the ramekin. Dang! A sudden wave of disappointment swept over me. I peeled off all the stickies without a flinch.

Does everything has to be made in china these days?


Despite all the whining & disappointment, I'm still lemming for the pink heart casserole with wings! It currently OOS! If the stock arrived and the price still stays at HK$188, I am going to get it! I have been yearning for it for...... 2 years? It's about time I lay hand on one!


  1. Wooo cheap! Grab the colours you like, you can use them to contain paperclips, rubberband etc :p

  2. Errrrrr I don't collect paper clips & rubberbands -.-''