Monday, April 18, 2011

Bottle & Rasp

Finally, Cuisipro fine rasp is MINE!!! Now all I have to do is to look for recipe that requires lotsa lemon zest! J. said it's fun to grate lemon zest with this powerful gadget. Teehee!

While at I♡Kitchen, I also bought a cute retro milk bottle to store left-over milk. I am not a milk drinker hence I buy milk solely for baking and always end up with lotsa leftovers. With this, I don't have to buy the big carton anymore. I only bought the big carton for the screw cap, as only the big ones have screw caps. Therefore save $$$ and less wastage! :)

I was so blur & blind as always. I didn't know that the retro milk bottle comes with a stackable sugar container till I opened the box the next morning. HAHAHA!

bottle & rasp


  1. W00t! Happy zesting! :D The milk bottle is so cute! I want, but no fridge space --___--"

  2. Buy a small fridge to store all your baking needs ;)