Saturday, April 23, 2011

Basil, I Love Thee.


Holly Molly! My basil has grown so much just barely a month :) Extremely delighted of course. Can't wait for the day to harvest my "crop". Heehee!

Me: Where are we going?
Hub: Pick up the movie tickets first.
Me: What are we watching?
Hub: Just go with it.
Me: *long pause* u meant the movie, Just Go With It?
Hub: Yes.

I was kinda confused (blamed it on the drugs) whether he wanted me to just go with it or we were supposed to catch Just Go With It. HaHaHa!

A quick lunch before the movie at Wild Ginger. I had something from their special menu - Uni, inure and salmon sashimi on rice. So pretty… hence must snap snap.

Uni, Ikura & Salmon on Rice

Btw, the movie was darn funny. Laughed so hard throughout the entire show. Catch it if you can ;)


  1. The pot of basil is so cute! If it sprouts wildly, you will be able to cook 3-cup-chicken! Yummy!

  2. have to wait very very very long b4 i can harvest enough basil to make that. hahaha. more practical to buy from supermarket i think.