Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Vegetarian For A Day

I hate those vegetarian food that are made of glutens and tried to look like fish, ducks, chickens, char siew etc etc. You get the drift. It's like you wanna be a vegetarian yet deep down you are craving for meat!

I'm not a vegetarian and I can never be a vegetarian as I love food too much to give up meat & seafoods, not even for the sake of my health. There is nothing wrong with my health apart from being a little flabby & chubby. I am just making a point here.

However, I don't mind going a day or two without meat occasionally. I treat it as a cleansing ritual for my body. HAHAHA!

I didn't plan to have a vegetarian day but it just out of sheer coincidence that both meals that I prepared yesterday were vegetarian.

Spicy Chilli & Black Beans Okra with Noodles
Spicy Okra with Noodles

Super easy.
Preparation time: 5 minutes
Cooking time: 5 minutes
Ingredients: Okra, LKK Guizhou Black Bean Chili Sauce, Noodles, Salt & Pepper.

1. Stir-fry sliced okra with 1 tbsp of LKK Guizhou Black Bean Chili Sauce and 50ml of water till okra is cooked. Add more water is required.

2. Cook noodles (any noodles/ pasta) in boiling water till cooked. Drain & toss with 1/2 tbsp of LKK Guizhou Black Bean Chili Sauce. Add salt & pepper to taste.

You may use any spicy sauce of your desire. In my opinion, okra tastes best when it's spicy that's why I suggested to use spicy sauce.

Minestrone with Alphabet Pasta
Minestrone with Alphabets Pasta

I used the recipe from here. However, instead of chicken stock, I used vegetable stock and I skipped pancetta since I am on a weight-loss diet. Thus, I thought I shouldn't indulge in pancetta. I love you, pancetta. I'll eat you soon after I can fit into my jeans & pants nicely.

This is a quick to cook soup but remember to set aside a lot of time for chopping up the vegetables. Chopping vegetables is definitely not my forte. What takes others to do in 15 minutes will take me an hour. Yah, that's how lousy I am at chopping vegetables.

Can you spot those cute little alphabets pasta in the soup? Heehee! They look even cuter (and prettier) before they took a hot bath!
Alphabets Pasta

I can foresee myself drinking more alphabets soup in the near future. HA! HA!

P/S: Had hainanese chicken rice for lunch just now. Told ya, I can never be a vegetarian even when I am trying to shed some weights & fats ;)


  1. black bean sauce makes everything taste delicioussss. kudos for trying to be a vegetarian for a day :)

  2. yup, black bean sauce is awesome. it irks me when i order anything with black bean sauce and there is no sign of any fermented black beans. HAHA!

  3. I love your thoughts about pancetta. Heehe

  4. But also forgot to mention that fake meat is great for people who don't like the thought of eating meat or are intolerant so I'm all for it. I keep kosher so fake meat means that I get to indulge in something that tastes meaty and I don't have to watch which meat to eat or skip dessert