Monday, March 28, 2011

An Unusual Saturday

Guess what?! I made breakfast on Saturday! This was totally out of the norm and it all started because I wanna clear some leftover egg whites! Do you see a pattern? I always launched myself into some tedious cooking mission just to clear some small leftover ingredients from my previous cooking mission. Waste not, want not is a motto that I stand by all my life. It's a habit I inherit from my mum. Monkeys see, monkeys do. HAHAHA!

But what was supposed to be breakfast soon turned into brunch as I couldn't drag my sleepy head out of my comfy bed having only slept for 5hrs. So I off the buzzing alarm and fell back into slumber. Oops!

When I finally forced myself out of bed an hour later, this was what I put on the breakfast table.

Pancakes Brunch

Pancakes!!! OHMY! I can't even remember when was the last time I made pancakes! These pancakes were the fluffiest pancakes that I ever had. It's a recipe by the renowned French pastry chef, Pierre Hermé. And I believed the "secret" to his fluffy pancakes is the meringue. They were so light that I felt so wholesome chowing down these fluffy pancakes and completely forgotten about the amount of butter went into frying them.

And the night before, I also made some blueberry sauce ('cos I'd leftover frozen blueberries and lemon :P).

Homemade Blueberry Sauce

It not only goes well with pancakes, it makes a perfect sauce for good ol' vanilla ice-cream. No prize for making the correct guess.... yes, we had vanilla ice-cream after a hearty pancake brunch and instant lattes too! :)

I should be trying out buttermilk pancakes soon since I still have a large bottle maple syrup left in my fridge. Oopsie!

Our unusual Saturday didn't end here.

After cleaning up the kitchen & self, we headed to the Flower Market Street to get fertilizers for our money tree. Our plant doesn't look well for weeks. There were yellow leaves and black spots. So we went back to the shop that sold us this plant and she diagnosed that it is suffering from malnutrition and overdosed of water :S

During our search for fertilizers, we chanced upon a shop selling little pots of H E R B S!!! I was exhilarated and immediately grabbed a few varieties. We always wanted to have some plants on our teeny weeny balcony but we hadn't been getting around executing our plans.

Little Herbs Garden



I: Finally we have plants for our balcony!
H: Did you realize they are all food related and you are going to eat them?
I: But this pot of African Violets is not edible! *defensive*
And we laughed out loud. LOL!

African Violets

I shall sign off with this lovely dried french lavender...
Dried French Lavender

Sometime, it's good to break away from our habits and step out of our comfort zone to do something unusual.

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