Friday, March 18, 2011


Steps in making a tiramisu:
1) Make zabaglione;
2) Make savoiardi biscuits (thank God, you can buy these off the shelf too!);
3) Make whipping cream;
4) Assemble tiramisu.

When I first leaf through the recipe, I thought making zabaglione was going the most difficult step & followed by assembling the cake. But I was wrong! So wrong!!! Extremely wrong! It's the endless waiting that's killing me! Arghhhhhh.....

Patience is never my virtue, if I had any virtue at all.

I: Is 8hrs considered overnight?
H: Nope. Longer.
I: :(

P/S: I think I am going to get drunk from my tiramisu. I used up more than 1/3 a bottle of kahlua, not mentioning the 1/4 cup of marsala wine.

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