Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Mission to a Trimmer Self

My weight used to be very stable and I only started putting on weights after I moved to HK. I blamed on the food served at those Cha Chaan Teng. They are usually oily, not yummy and in large volume! The Cha Chaan Teng cooks are just not cut out to do stir-fry. They should just stick to macaroni soup, instant noodles and fried luncheon meat. Haiz.

For the sake of my tummy, taste buds and well-being. I decided to make my own dinner for a couple of weeks. I kicked off my healthy diet mission with olive linguine in Sun-dried Tomato-and-Herbs Pesto & Snapper-in-a-Bag.

Olive Linguine in Sun-dried Tomato & Herbs Pesto

I did this the cheat way ;) I used NoMU Stir - Tomato & Herbs Pesto Mix. Just need to added hot water & olive oil, voila! pesto! Then toss in cooked linguine (or any pasta), threw in some cherry tomatoes (halved & give them a little squeeze) and freshly chopped basils (or any fresh herbs of your desire) and add a little pasta water. It is very important that you cook pasta in very salty water (as salty as sea water) else your pasta will taste flat.


This is a dump every thing in a bag dish. Lay fish fillet on a double-folded aluminum foil and season as you wish. Throw in some vegetables, mushroooms & herbs. Before sealing the last opening of the bag, pour some wine or stock or water. It's important to seal all the openings securely such that no steam & liquid can escape from the bag. Chuck the bag in a hot oven and cook till the bag swells up. Tear open the bag & tuck in while it's hot. You can use this cooking method for chicken fillet too.

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