Sunday, March 13, 2011

Laser Show

I met up with Hub at TST East station on Friday evening. Once I stepped off the mini bus, I was hit by a chilly cold raft. And all I had on was a faux fur vest.

I love being cold.
I embraced the cold crisp air.

We took a short stroll to Intercontinental Hotel at Salisbury Road, to have a quick drink before dinner. My little quick drink soon turned into a massive hangover the next morning. More about that later.

We love their Lobby bar. It has the most incredible view of the Victoria Harbour & Hong Kong Island.

At a minute before 8, everyone whipped up their cameras. Oh! THE LASER SHOW! I had completely forgotten about the 15 minutes laser show that runs daily at 8pm. I had forgotten how mesmerizing it was. I didn't take any pics or video as I just wanted to take in the scene while sipping at my lycheetini.

Soon, we've gotten too comfortable to move and settled for a light dinner at the Lobby bar. Oh! I haven't forgotten that I am still on a diet though I doubt I have lost any weight since I started the diet 2 weeks ago.

Ruben Sandwich
His - Ruben Sandwich but he requested for white bread instead of rye.

Lobster Cesar Wrap
Mine - Lobster Cesar Wrap!
They don't use chopped up lobster meat but WHOLE. There was at least half a lobster in that wrap. YUM! The wrap was made even better with a glass of Moet *greedy face*

His fries that came with his sandwich. But I gobbled up every single sticks! Fries is probably the only deep-fried food that I'm compelled to eat. Regardless dieting or not.

We each had a glass of California Pinot Noir before calling it a night. A beautiful night.

Remember the hangover I was rumbling about earlier? Guess what? Hub fixed me a tall glass of Choya once we were home -_____________-"

4 different drinks in one night. No wonder I had such bad hangover!!! Agrhhhhh!

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  1. Haha, you post a wrapped food just as I was blogging about my love for all things wrapped. The sandwich looks yummy!!!