Tuesday, March 15, 2011

HK Food

When in Rome, do what the Romans do. There are people who just stick to their own food regardless where they are. Not me. I love to explore food and their possibilities. The exploration has its limit too:
1) No raisins or sultanas
2) No spring onions
3) No garlic, unless they are well roasted
4) No onion, unless they are well caramelized
5) No lamb, unless it's rid of its gamey taste & smell
5) No exotic animals eg. dogs, cats, iguana, snake, monkey, bear etc. etc. etc.

Now that I am living in HK. I embrace canton food & its street food with open arms. But I don't deny I do crave for the local hawker food back home occasionally and I am totally in love with Japanese food.

From all my past food posts, you may think I eat at fancy restaurants all the time. It is so NOT true. On most days, my meals are takeaways from HK Cha Chaan Teng - HK-style tea houses that serve eclectic and affordable menus, and are everywhere in this country. I rarely take pictures of these food, not because I am ashamed to show them but usually meals like these are eaten in a hurry. At least for me. Hence, I forgot to take pictures!!!

Here are some of the HK food that I like, but certainly not exhaustive.

**Mental reminder to self: Take photos of HK street food!!!

HK Food That I Eat
Beef tendon noodles & char leung (deep-fried dough fritter wrapped in freshly-made steamed rice sheets). Both are from Sweet Dynasty. The truth is, I prefer the beef tendon rice vermicelli soup from those generic little stalls that sell braised beef inards to the one serves up at Tang Dynasty. The latter are cheaper, more generous with their beef tendons, and have tastier clear beef broth!

HK Food That I Eat
Pan-fried carrot cake with XO sauce, suckling pig, braised pork knuckles & chicken feet rice vermicelli soup. All from random stalls & restaurants.

HK Food That I Eat
Egg tart, steamed carrot cake, rice in lotus leaf, ground chinese almond sweet soup (杏仁茶) and salted yolk custard bun (流沙奶皇包) from Maxim's Palace @ City Hall. Of course, we will have the usual suspects like prawn crystal dumpling, rice rolls, stuffed vegetables, steamed pork ribs with black beans etc etc. But for me, those are the must-have and what set Maxim's Palace @ City Hall apart from all the other dim sum places.

HK Food That I Eat
Crispy roasted pork belly (冰燒三層肉), duck tongues & waxed meats claypot rice (I ♡ those chinese goose liver sausage) from Lei Gardens. Lei Garden has the most delicious crispy roasted pork belly (冰燒三層肉)!! No trace of oiliness. Just pure yumminess. And not forgetting their house XO sauce, it's ♡.

Oh! Oh! Those century eggs are from Yung Kee. Totally fantabulous! The yolks are so creamy!!! They are so yummilcious, completely rid of those yucky ammonia/metallic taste. I also *heart* their chinese goose sausage bao (潤腸包). No photo because I was too busy savouring the bao! :P

HK Food That I Eat

HK Food That I Eat
Roast goose rice noodle soup, blanched chinese chives, rabbit fish porridge, salt-pepper mantis shrimps (椒鹽瀨尿蝦) and carrot-sugar cane drink from 興記避風塘.

HK Food That I Eat
Lastly, hairy crabs and crab meat & roe noodles (chinese version of crabmeat linguine), when hairy crabs are in season.

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