Saturday, March 5, 2011

Gorge On Brownies, Don't Starve!

Tis a rendition of a beautiful oldies 但願人長久 by Faye Wong, one of my favourite singer.

I seriously think something is really wrong with my brain. Every time when the song come to this bit...


Instead of 何似在人間, I kept hearing 餓死在人間!!! And this is not it. I would mumble to self silently "Poor thing, starved to death. *Sigh*" !!!!!

Then finally one day, while Hub was playing this song on YouTube...
I: Is it really 餓死在人間 as in starved to death?
H: Nope.
I: Oh! All these years I thought it was 餓死. And I feel for the person in the song. So poor thing. No food to eat. HAHAHA!
H: *expressionless*

Mmmmm.... am I too obsessed with food or what?!!! Or is my chinese really that bad? I studied in a bilingual school whereby both English & Chinese were first language!! *Faint*

Ok. Ok. Stop fainting and continue to blog.

Guess what I make yesterday?





They were so damn delicious! Ghirardelli Double Chocolate Brownies mix never fails to wow me & the crowd. And it's so unbelievably easy to make!!

Ingredients - 4
Preparation time - 5 minutes
Baking time - 40 minutes

Additional brownie point, my kitchen smelled heavenly for the rest of the day. A good way to freshen up the kitchen ;)

Seriously, I don't think I will ever make brownies from scratch unless Ghirardelli discontinues its Double Chocolate Brownies mix. Oh Lord, please never let this happen *pray pray pray*

P/S: Eat them warm with a really good vanilla bean ice cream.

Brownies with Vanilla ice cream

An old pic, today the ice cream sat prettily on top of the luscious brownies ;)


  1. Oooh brownies look delish! I don't see in in sg... maybe I'm blind again, as usual.

    btw, i heard it as 饿死在人间 too although I didn't think it was the intended meaning HAHA. Maybe that's why we're good friends! I didn't bother to find out the correct lyrics LOL, so thanks!

  2. LMAO! ^5!!

    this brownies mix is available in SG. but according to Lil, it's a very hot item, always OOS. so whenever she sees them, she will grab a few boxes! so next trip to CS, open your eyes BIG BIG!