Sunday, March 6, 2011

Date Night

Friday is our date night. We never have a sit-down discussion if we should have a weekly date night or such. It's a mutual understanding that we always keep our Friday evening free unless there is compulsory office events or family affairs, so we can have some us time.

A lot of couples don't date anymore after they are married or have kids. I believe every married couples should continue to date their partners on a regular basis for as long as they shall live! I am a romantic at heart. And I am fortunate to marry one too *beam*

Last Friday, it was a impromptu decision to have dinner at our ALL-TIME-FAVOURITE Japanese restaurant in Hong Kong. This quaint little restaurant sits quietly at a little corner in City Garden. Dinner hours, their customers are majority Japanese. They serve excellent selections of sashimi. Their sashimi is fresh! Fresh! FRESH!!! Quality is equivalent to Akashi in Singapore, which happens to be my ALL-TIME-FAVOURITE Japanese restaurant in Singapore, but at a smaller price tags. We are really glad to find this little treasure :)

Hub ordered the deluxe sashimi platter and an additional order of whelk (響螺) sashimi as they were flown in only a few hours ago. What did I tell ya? Fresh! Fresh! Fresh! ;)

自然屋 @ City Garden

First we were served with the house appetizer, sardine, then followed by our ginormous platter!! The platter was so huge that I had to break it into little puzzles. It comprised of akagai, hotategai, otoro, tai, ika, tako, ama ebi, uni, sake, maguro, hamachi, sanma & our additional order of whelk. They were scrumptious, luscious, delicious, yummy, mouthwatering.... and FRESH!

I think I have mentioned this before. I am a carb-gal!! I need my CARB!! The chef was kind enough to whip up a plate of garlic fried rice just for me!!! They don't serve garlic fried rice at all. But they would do it specially for me, and even asked how I wanted the garlic to be done (diced, sliced, undercook or well roasted) and if I wanted chopped veg in my garlic fried rice. I am so touch by their gestures. It turned out so damn good that I finished every grain and forgot to take picture!!! So u just have to use your imagination and picture it in your head :P


  1. Looking chic!! I agree, couples must continue dating regardless of what stage of the r/s they are in! *throws dusts of romance in the air!!*

    I refuse to look at the food pic for too long. Might die and go to sashimi heaven.

  2. I love that some married couples have date nights, that's brilliant. People really forget about these things