Monday, March 7, 2011

Bite-Size Please

Size does matter!

Snacks are gone much faster when they are bite-size in my house.


Lazy. Convenient. Cuter.

Okay. I admit that I am the only one who cares that they are cuter when they are petite :P

I have made a few batches of Nutz & Krisps since I tested the recipe. With each batch, each piece gets smaller & smaller.

I: Is this small enough?
H: *nom nom nom* Can u make them even smaller next time? Still can't shove the whole thing in my mouth.

It's tough to be the cook one cooking in this house *sweat*

So there u go.... my latest batch of Nutz & Krisps. I tweaked the original recipe a little to add ground cinnamon, cut back on sugar & used dark corn syrup instead of the regular one because I just couldn't find the regular one in any supermarkets!!!! But it was a blessing in disguise. It tastes even better!! XD Thus, sometime, it pays off to be not such a tight-ass. Heehee!

Cinnamon Nutz & Krisps
Cinnamon Nutz & Krisps

Cinnamon Nutz & Krisps

It's definitely bite-size now. I have done the test personally.

Aren't they cute? ;)

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