Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Oatmeal Choc-chips Cookies

I wish supermarkets would sell happy eggs individually instead of a pack of six. I always have problem finishing up eggs as each batch of my bakes only requires ONE egg. That's why I have been baking like a crazy woman lately.

As I was whatsapp-ing my good friend J. for some emergency baking advice... something really funny popped up.

I: I'm trying to use up all the eggs before they expire.
J: Make omelette!
I: Lazy to fry ley.
J: Faster than making cookies! Lol!
I: I know. But making cookies, oil won't splatter everywhere mah. Lol! No need to clean kitchen stoves & kitchen floor.
J: Freak!

Seriously, in order to avoid cleaning up the oil splats, I rather spent 1.5hrs baking cookies than a mere 5mins to fry up an omelette! Am I crazy or what?! Hahaha! But but but cleaning up oil splats is a real pain in the ass. And I hate it when the kitchen smells like an oil bomb has just exploded! :P

And most importantly, cookies are more satisfying and pleasing to eyes than a simple omelette. No? HEH! Heh!

Oatmeal Choc-chips Cookies

Oatmeal Choc-chips Cookies

Oatmeal Choc-chips Cookies


P/S: click on Food-is-L♡ve on the left panel for the recipe :)

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