Monday, February 21, 2011

Inagiku @ Four Seasons Hotel, Hong Kong

I love food and it plays a very important of my life. I live to eat. Hence it isn't surprising that there is a lot of food related entries in my blog. And I can't help it!!! I like taking pictures of food too!!! They are too gorgeous to resist :P.

Some time ago at Inagiku, Four Seasons Hotel...

Sushi Keiseiki Set @ Inagiku
You tell me... how to resist not taking photos of these glorious food. Teehee!

Sushi Keiseiki Set @ Inagiku
Appetizer #1
Spinach Salad

Sushi Keiseiki Set @ Inagiku
Appetizer #2
Fish Roes
I think the fish roes are "gelled" with gelation before cutting into squares.

Sushi Keiseiki Set @ Inagiku
Dashi soup with seafood ball & a thin slice of winter melon.

Sushi Keiseiki Set @ Inagiku
Thinly sliced snapper (Tai) with ponzu sauce & grated carrot.
This is soooooooooo damn good! I can eat 10 plates of this!

Sushi Keiseiki Set @ Inagiku
First Sushi Platter
Otoro, hamachi, hirame, saba & one more I simply can't recall. Oops! Sometime, I have memory of a goldfish while other time memory of an elephant (usually the trivial stuff). Never mind the name, the important thing is... they were delish!!!

Sushi Keiseiki Set @ Inagiku
The BEST I ever had!!! Super duper yum!! There is a piece of Japanese nian gao in the silky smooth steamed egg.

Sushi Keiseiki Set @ Inagiku
Second Sushi Platter
Minced fatty tuna, uni & ikura.
I practically can hear Sound of Music's My Favourite Things playing in my head..... aloud! HAHAHA!

Garlic Fried Rice
When a girl needs her carbs, she needs her carbs! :) I am a very carb person. I must have carbs in all my meals!! And I think NO-Carb or Low-Carb diets are bullshit:P Therefore, we ordered an additional garlic fried rice on top of our set ;)

Miso Soup that came with the rice.

Sushi Keiseiki Set @ Inagiku
Chocolate & Coffee Mousse Cake
Mmmm... mediocre. Not worth getting fat for it.

Inagiku is always full house hence it's best to make reservation to avoid disappointment. Then again, we always never make reservation. Story of our lives. HA!

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  1. You know when you say "I can eat 10 plates of this", I really believe you. In fact I'd be surprised if you couldn't. LOL