Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day

I have run out of idea what gift to buy for my basic-no-frills Hub. Other than a fierce passion for FOOD, youtube, mathematics & reformatting computers, he doesn't seem to be interested in anything that can be gift-wrapped in a nice box. Every year, I have to crack my brain picking a gift. They are either belt, wallet, shirt, tee or hp. Even if he weren't bored with these gifts, I was bored buying them already :X HAHAHA! And Valentine's Day aside, there are birthday & anniversary too! *headache*

I am whereas a total opposite of Hub. I am super vain & frivolous! I like so many things that it's hard for me rank which I like best... thus buying gifts for me is a piece of cake!! *friends reading this please take note!* Heehee!

After 3 days of tug-of-war in my own head (I only realized it's Valentine's Day today 3 days ago!!), my brain was (and still is) blank. Thus I decided to bake him lotsa LOVES instead.

Valentine's Day Bakes

This time, every single one is :)

P/S: Cut my thumb while making the cookies! What a klutz! *shake head*

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