Monday, February 28, 2011

Cookies With L♡ve

Hours before her flight to HK, J. baked these scrumptious chocolate chips cookies. Don't be fooled by the her photo, each cookies is bigger than my palm!!! And each chips is a halved-Valrhona chocolate disc!!! :O She doesn't scrimped on ingredients, that's not her style. Apart for the ginormous serving size and generous amount of chocolate chips, I could taste the delectable vanilla!!! And that's not it.... there is a subtle crunch & saltiness from the sea salt. I bet she used Maldon sea salts or some super duper gourmet sea salt. Generosity of goodness is her style.

Thank you J.


  1. You're most welcome! <3 I must thank you too for being such a good host.

    You're quite spot-on about the salt too lol. It's a combo of himalayan pink salt and red alaea salt. If you look closely, you might be able to spot some pink specks!

  2. GOSH! I have to add this to my cv under strength: EXCELLENT TASTE BUDS (esp. so if food is yummy).