Friday, June 25, 2010


Sometime our eyes are just bigger than our stomachs. As a result....... LEFTOVER!! There are people in other part of the world have nothing to eat, hence we shouldn't waste food.

Waste not, want not... I quite often make use of leftovers and "reinvent" them into another satisfying meals.

Chicken carcass from the leftover roast chicken. In the pot, there were also leftover chinese sausage & waxed meat that had been diced. To make the porridge tastier, I added dried oysters and dried shitake mushrooms. Usually I will also add dried scallop to porridge but..... I have finished snacking them :X

Leftover roast chicken that had been shredded and leftover chinese goose liver sausage. I have a habit of cling wrap all the food... don't want them to dry out and also prevent bacteria contamination :P I stirred in the shredded roast chicken & goose liver sausage after the porridge was ready to be served. Don't want them to lose their flavours.

How do you like the final product? Who could have guess it was cooked with all the leftovers? Thus, don't throw out all your leftover, try turning them into yet another delicious meal! :)

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