Thursday, May 20, 2010

Random Gibberish

An idiot laughed at my bangs just because I cut it myself! *piss* But I could not remember his face after my sleep was interrupted by yet another wrong-number-no-apology call. This idiot is someone I know in real life, I am adamant about it. But I just couldn't remember his face now. Lucky fella! Else I would have shot him a nasty email for being so mean to me in my dream. HAHAHA!

Lately, the movies on NowTV were totally craps. And I was bored to my wit while waiting for the laundry man to deliver our clean laundry. Thus, I decided to give my adapted thick chewy chocolate chip cookies a go.


Hubby said it was better than the previous batch :))

You can find the adapted recipe HERE.

Initially, I planned to increase the vanilla extract only by 1/2 a teaspoon. But yesterday, Chef Michael Smith said "whenever u see a number in front of vanilla extract, double it!". Thus, I doubled the amount of vanilla extract used in the original recipe. Heehee. Be sure u used good vanilla extract though, no vanilla flavouring craps. I use Simply Organic Madagascar Pure Vanilla Extract if u wonder ;) Vanilla beans are too expensive esp. since all my bakes are very "experimental". LOL!

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