Wednesday, May 19, 2010

He Says..

"I don't see the point of baking bread when u can bake chocolate chip cookies. Bread has to be consumed fresh which is so impracticable while chocolate chips cookies can keep for days!"

"Then again, I don't see the point of baking chocolate chip cookies when u can make the heart-shape cookies that can be stored forever."

The above were words of wisdoms by my dearest Hubby -.-'' Basically, he was dropping hints that it's time for me to bake Shiroi Koibito a.k.a. 白之戀人 again.

Also, he was thinking... "you can buy all sorts of bread from ThreeSixty & the bakery shop downstair, why go thru the hassle of making your own bread." After being married to someone long enough, u'll turn into a mind reader too.

He is just so hilarious at times.

Btw, I have been getting good reviews for my chocolate chip cookies *jumping for joy* Maybe one day I can sell cookies for a living. 哈!哈!哈!

p/s: The heart-shape cookies cannot be kept forever, it has to be consumed within days too. Just that he gobbled everything too quickly to notice! LOL!

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